At the sales department we help our customers to make a decision in our enormous assortment. Here you are the advisor. You know our products and the possibilities for printing. You keep track of the latest trends and have commercial insight, all while keeping balance between the wishes of the customer and our profits.

Personal contact with our customers is important to us. That’s why our Account Manager Nick Martens regularly visits clients. “I’m responsible for relationship management. This means I regularly visit the major companies we work for, like DHL and KLM. I pay attention to new opportunities, check if our services are still a good fit and look for opportunities to increase our revenue.”

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The marketing department makes sure customers find us. And that’s very important, especially on the competitive market of promotional gifts. You contribute to this by increasing our online visibility or surprising customers with a superb catalog. You strenghten our brands or tempt our customers with clear explanation of our products. Websites, social media and trade fairs are all familiar territory to you. At the marketing department you contribute to the success of all Favorite Gifts labels.

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The printing department is the heart of our company. Here we turn our customers wishes into products. Using the right printing techniques and machines we place our customer’s logo perfectly on each product. You have a big responsibility: making a great product for our customer. That’s why you need an eye for quality and you’re very precise. You’re never bored, just like Kimberley Wildemans, printer at Favorite Gifts: “There is never a dull moment at Favorite Gifts. I get a lot of opportunities and work with my hands all day. To me that’s the best thing there is.

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Every day thousands of products leave our warehouse. This is a big challenge for our Logistics department. Here you work on everything that concerns the transport of products. Placing incoming shipments in the warehouse, picking up orders or packaging products and making them ready for transport. We also check the quality of incoming products. Do they meet our strict standards?

To make sure everything runs smoothly, colleagues at the office provide a strict schedule, alignment with transporters and administration. Whatever your job is at our logistics department, your effort is essential to get our products out the door on time. On their way to a happy customer.

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In the Packing department you unpack products to be printed on and repack them after the printing process. You work quickly to provide your colleagues at the printing department with products on time. You’re the last person to lay eyes on the product before it heads to the customer. So you look at our products with a critical eye and you’re precise with packing amounts.

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Our customer’s artwork must be placed perfectly on the products. That’s what you work on at our Studio. You know everything about DTP and prepare our customer’s artwork for printing, while taking into account the different products, their materials and shapes. With your experience you’re able to give customers advice on the possibilities of printing and thanks to a clear proof sheet the customer knows exactly what to expect.

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Favorite Gifts has an enormous assortment of promotional products. Finding and purchasing all these products is the responsibility of our Procurement department. Our products are purchased all around the world. You negotiate with suppliers in China, for example, check the quality of new products and arrange for certification. You discover new products all the time, because you keep an eye out for trends.

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Human Resources (HR)

Good, happy and healthy employees, that is the main focus of our HR department. You make sure the right people end up in the right positions. You recruit new employees, have an eye for the talents of your colleagues and support managers with leading their teams. Thanks to you everything at the workplace runs smoothly.

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The Finance department shows the results of our work. Here you manage the books and give insight into our finances. Cash flows, salaries and taxes, you keep it all in check. Or you analyze our revenues. Are we still performing optimally? You report your findings to the management and give them advice. We work in seven different European countries, but you keep calm.

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At Favorite Gifts we can’t do without good ICT. All our web shops must perform well, orders must come in quickly and our colleagues need the right systems to perform optimally. In short, you keep our company running.

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