As an employee of Favorite Gifts you’re an important part of our company. You work hard and that’s something we value highly. That’s why you’ll receive quality employee benefits. This starts with a good salary and a pleasant working environment, but doesn’t end there.

At Favorite Gifts you’ll receive:

  • 8,5% Holliday allowance in May
  • A quality pension plan
  • Discount on our products
  • Tax benefit for your gym membership
  • Opportunity for personal development

Exercising with tax benefit

Do you want to exercise regularly? We think that’s a good idea and that’s why you can use our company fitness program when you work at Favorite Gifts. Thanks to a tax benefit you receive a nice discount on your gym membership.

Education and personal development

We believe it’s important for our people to keep learning and developing themselves in their area of expertise. At Favorite Gifts you’ll receive every opportunity to follow courses or attend a training, inside and outside the company.

Do you also think these are good benefits? Check out our vacancies.