Meet your colleagues

At Favorite Gifts more than 400 people are employed in seven different countries. Diverse people who are all team players, pro-active and ambitious. Are you curious about your new colleagues? Read their stories here.

Kimberley Wildemans – Printer

The printing department is the heart of our company. Here we turn our customers wishes into products. Using the right printing techniques and machines we place our customer’s logo perfectly on each product. Kimberley Wildemans does this work every day and is never bored.

“There is never a dull moment at Favorite Gifts. I get a lot of opportunities, have friendly colleagues and there is a good atmosphere. When I applied at seventeen years old, I had no idea what to expect. I was shy, just left school and wanted to work with my hands. That was nine years ago and now that shy girls is nowhere to be seen.”

Joost van Helden – CEO

"My father started this company in 1965. Today, we are one of the leading companies in promotional products in Europe, with 60.000 unique productions each year. My job is to ensure that everyone in our organization can perform optimally. I enjoy expanding my father’s business together with my brother and to be part of an international trading company. When you apply at Favorite Gifts, you’re applying for a job in a dynamic environment, full of opportunities and challenges for the future."

Nick Martens – Account Manager

Personal contact with our customers is important to us. That’s why our Account Manager Nick Martens regularly visits clients.

“I’m responsible for relationship management. This means I regularly visit the major companies we work for, like DHL and KLM. I pay attention to new opportunities, check if our services are still a good fit and look for opportunities to increase our revenue. This is my view: basically the entire country can be our customer and that makes the work so interesting. Favorite Gifts is a family company and that’s something you easily notice by the way people interact with one another. The atmosphere is informal. During my application interview one of the company directors first asked “How was your weekend?”. That was a real ice breaker.