Meet your colleagues

At Favorite Gifts more than 400 people are employed in seven different countries. Diverse people who are all team players, pro-active and ambitious. Are you curious about your new colleagues? Read their stories here.

Peter van der Zwan - Account Manager

My job as Account Manager within Van Helden Promotional Gifts is very varied and challenging. I work at the office in Rotterdam, where we bring out the best in each other as a small and closely-knit team. Mutual appreciation, adding to ideas, and sparring; we complement each other.

I am either at the office, in the bustling part of the city at the Kop van Zuid, or working from home. Regularly, I visit customers to give them tailor-made advice; I bring samples and show our corporate video on my iPad. If I don’t visit them in person, I invite them to an online meeting through a corporate video connection.
The complete story, the many opportunities within our overwhelming assortment, and the personal attention, create a lot of goodwill. Being able to contribute to this gives me pride and joy and because of that I start every workday with a big smile.
I love staying in touch with other departments, as we all need to work together to achieve optimal results. Whether it’s Purchasing, Marketing, Planning, or Packaging: we are all connected and each of us are a link in the chain that is Favorite Gifts.

Linda Peereboom – Brand Manager

Marketing is an increasingly important facet of the organization. Because of that, it’s never boring in our department. As Brand Manager I am responsible for the marketing planning and the marketing budget for my brand; Van Helden.

Aside from my tasks as Brand Manager for Van Helden, I am also regularly involved in projects that span the entire organization (Favorite gifts). This brings variety into my daily work.

Within the organization we work with several Brand Managers, so there is always someone to brainstorm with. We also have Marketing Specialists who bring their own ideas to the table and help out. The working atmosphere is very pleasant and there is more than enough room to explore your own ideas and plans.

Jesse Wattimury – Sales Manager

I got my start at Giving Europe as Purchasing intern and after occupying several functions within the organization, I now have the role of Sales Manager at our headquarters in Tiel. Within Giving Europe there is opportunity for self-development and growth. This is one of the reasons why I still work for this great company after all these years. Regardless of how young you are, if you do your work well, it doesn’t go unnoticed and you get the chance to move further up the ladder. We stimulate our employees to not sit still, but to challenge themselves; to better themselves and the organization.

As international wholesaler, we service customers from all over the world, from the headquarters. Traveling is in my blood and this function gives me that on a silver platter. Another aspect I want to mention is freedom. Of course there are certain guidelines to follow, but as Account Manager or Sales Manager, you have a lot of freedom in the region you are responsible for. This gives you the sense of being an independent entrepreneur within the organization. All of this, combined with the young, professional team that we have, absolutely makes it worth it to apply for a job with Giving Europe!

Dolf Blomhert - Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, I am ultimately responsible for everything to do with Marketing. I have the privilege of doing this in collaboration with a team of smart and driven people.

At Favorite Gifts, the commercial possibilities are near endless.

The combination of different customers, markets, products, countries, printing techniques, and packaging options lead to countless opportunities.

Because the traders’ spirit is deeply rooted in the DNA of the organization, innovative ideas and plans are nurtured and grown in fertile soil.

As a result, the saying “never a dull moment” is an understatement. And I love that!

Favorite gifts is a beautiful, commercial playground where I am right at home.